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Our Commitment to You

We understand that selecting an egg donor is one of the most important decisions you will make. P.E.D.I. is here to make a daunting journey as easy and exciting as possible. And so we focus our efforts on providing you with assurance that your egg donation agency is a steadfast, trusted resource.

No other egg donation agency will match our competency and attention to detail. Premium Egg Donation was founded by Jessica Rutzick, an accomplished lawyer who started her own family with a donor egg. Jessica and her staff are especially attuned to the highly emotional nature of the egg donation process. Because we understand -- first hand -- what you are going through, we are sympathetic to your unique situation and circumstances.

Jessica launched P.E.D.I. with a commitment to providing the highest degree of professionalism to intended parents and egg donors alike. The staff at P.E.D.I. are equally qualified and well educated. Our team will provide you with the best possible service and we will alleviate the stress of the ART/IVF experience. Our egg donor database is a collection of donors with the highest credentials, which are verified and thoroughly screened. In your search for an egg donor, Premium Egg Donation will be there to guide you throughout the entire process.

As you approach this sensitive situation, you must first trust your agency. The staff at Premium Egg Donation has the professional skill-set to handle your case and facilitate the ideal egg donor match for you.

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Premium Egg Donation has a select database of donors. By filling out a brief, free and confidential registration form, you will be immediately provided with a password to log in and view our database of outstanding egg donor profiles. Each donor has been individually recruited from the finest universities in the country, interviewed and screened to ensure that you will choose from the very best candidates. We look forward to working with you in starting your family!

We will ensure that you have a smooth, stress free and successful experience. After reviewing the information on our web site thoroughly, please take a few minutes to register online. You will then have access to our complete egg donor database at no charge. It should only take a few minutes to register and receive access to our unique database.

You will remain a registered egg donor recipient for four months, during which time you will receive emails alerting you to new donors that might fit your criteria. After four months, you will need to renew your account - at no cost to you -- to continue to access our premium egg donor database.

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Matching your Egg Donor

When you communicate to us your egg donor, your Client Services representative will contact you and confirm, with a photo and in writing, your chosen donor. We will then send you a packet of information, including a contract with P.E.D.I. for you to sign and return to us either by fax or email. We will also need a credit card authorization form signed by you.

When we have received your signed contract and we have processed the egg donation agency fee, you will hear from our Director of Client Services, Lauri Harris. Lauri will have your donor immediately begin the medical evaluation. Also at this time, you will speak with Jessica Rutzick, who is PEDI’s founder and an attorney. She will prepare a tailor-made contract for you and will answer any legal questions you may have. If you want to use another attorney, we can give you a list of lawyers who specialize in third party reproductive law. We will also ensure that your donor has a lawyer to represent her in negotiating the agreement. The egg donation legal process takes 1-2 weeks normally.

Your medical cycle begins after we have received a signed agreement between you and your egg donor and we have clearance from your physician.

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Egg Donation Agency & Donor Fees

What can you expect to pay?

You will find that the expenses incurred in the egg donation process will be well worth it! You will be obligated to pay two separate fees in advance of the donation cycle once you are matched with your egg donor. To secure your donor match, you will pay an agency fee of $9,000. You can pay this fee by credit card (with a processing fee), by check or money order.

After your egg donor is evaluated and her eligibility for donation is confirmed by your endocrinologist, you will submit the donor fee ($10,000-$13,000, depending upon the number of your egg donor’s cycles).

Your donor's anticipated travel expenses, (if necessary), will be charged to you separately, but must be paid in advance of her departure.

Additionally, you will be obligated to pay for your egg donor's medical evaluation, clinic visits and medication. These expenses must be paid by you directly to the provider(s). Ask your doctor what these costs will be.

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